This Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy pertains to the Quoetesearth website (“Website” or “Service”) and its associated products and services. It outlines how the Operator addresses copyright infringement notifications and the process for submitting a copyright infringement complaint.

The protection of intellectual property is a priority, and users are encouraged to respect copyrights. The Policy commits to promptly addressing clear notices of alleged copyright violations by the U.S. DMCA of 1998.

Before filing a copyright complaint, consider whether the use qualifies as fair use. Fair use allows brief excerpts of copyrighted material under specific conditions without consent for purposes like criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research.

If intending to file a complaint, contacting the user beforehand is advised. If unsure about infringement, consulting a legal professional is recommended.

To submit a copyright infringement notification, owners or their agents must follow DMCA standards and provide personal information. An agent can act on behalf of the complainant.

Upon receiving a notification, the Operator examines its accuracy and may take actions like removing infringing material, restricting access, or terminating accounts. The Operator may seek a court order at its discretion and may not act if the notification lacks DMCA requirements.

Users receiving a copyright infringement notification can submit a counter-notification per DMCA guidelines. Before doing so, consulting an attorney is advised.

The Operator reserves the right not to act on counter-notifications despite the Policy’s language.

If a counter-notification meets DMCA requirements, it may be transmitted to the initial notifier.

The Policy may be modified at the Operator’s discretion. Users will be notified of changes via email, website updates, or other provided contact methods. Continued use of the Website and Services after changes indicate agreement to the updated Policy.

To report copyright infringement, contact details are provided below.

info[at] quotesearth[dot] com

This document was last updated on May 5, 2024.